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A high-quality anti-freeze agent is ideal for firefighting protection in areas with risk of freezing because fire is immediately extinguished and the heat release rate due to the presence of salts in the fluid is significantly reduced. Therefore, it extinguishes fire more effectively compared to water. When using Temper S, no systems for electrical tracking and pipe insulation are needed, thus reducing maintenance costs. Temper S anti-freeze liquid is approved by the German independent auditing body VdS.

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Environmentally safe

Temper S is an anti-freeze fluid that respects the environment, complies with environmental requirements and is easily biodegradable. 97% of the fluid is dissolved in 7 days and is classified as non-hazardous for the human health and the environment. The product does not contain amines, nitrites or phosphates.

Where to use Temper S

Temper S can be used in sprinkler systems and in (high and low pressure) water mist systems in case of risk of freezing.
The main applications include:
– Sprinkler systems;
– Fire protection of public and private buildings;
– Fire protection of historical buildings (museums, churches, theaters, libraries);
– Fire protection of trains;
– Fire protection systems for motors in buses, trucks, etc.;
– Parking lots;
– Marine & offshore sector;
– Mining and/or underground applications.